Mission Statement


Class of 2023


We, the 20 third grade students in Mrs. Carlson's class, promise to be

Safe, Responsible, and Respectful.


We will follow our Viking Code.  We will complete our homework on time. We will pay attention in class and be good listeners.

We will include others and be nice to everyone.

We will use good manners.

We will respect the adults and students in our school to build trust.


All of these things will help us to have a successful school year.

We will have an awesome, fantastic, great, spectacular, and a fine, fine school year!



Classroom Code

We will be polite at all times!

We will work quietly and not disturb others!

We will listen courteously when others are talking!

We will be friendly to our classmates!

We will be truthful and honest!

We will respect our teachers and classmates!

We will be prepared for class every day!

We will arrive at class on time!

We will cooperate with others!

We will always do our BEST!






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